"Our bank loan officer recommended Amy. She reached out quickly and responded with homes that where what we wanted to see. We had a few others reach out to us, and have personal friends who are agents, but we didn't want it to get personal with friends and we could tell right away that Amy would do a great job for us.

Amy was amazing. She always kept us in the loop with texts and phone calls and took care of so much for us. She is awesome!

It went fantastic. We got a house we love and she made it easy and fun."

-- Andrea Miles, Greenfield

"Amy Spillman is extremely professional and respectful. Her commitment to her customer, regardless of time of day, is a level you rarely find in other Realtors. Her integrity to do what is right for her client and get the best deal possible is why I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home."

-- Jonathon Stark, Fishers

"Amy Spillman is the best realtor in Indianapolis. Not only is she available to you 24/7, she provides you all of the information that you need to handle the buying/selling process. Amy fiercely advocates for her clients and does not rest until you are comfortable with everything. Amy helped us navigate selling our home and buying a new home and I can't say enough great things about how easy she made it. When you have Amy Spillman as your realtor, you have an extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful realtor on your side. I would recommend Amy to all of my family and friends."

-- Scott Spillman, Indianapolis 

"Amy was in my corner from day one. I had found this home through a friend and knew the exact person I wanted to have represent me, Amy Spillman. When I approached Amy, she immediately got to work. As an aside, my transaction was a difficult one as we were dealing with clients who had their home listed on-again and off-again for three (3) years with several different listing brokers.

While we had no idea of the roller coaster we were about to endure, Amy was there every step of the way negotiating and having the difficult conservations with the seller's broker. She always had our best interests at heart and kept me in the loop every step of the way.

For me, Amy was critical in the process. She is known in the local real estate community as being straight forward and honest and I can see why. I would recommend Amy in a heartbeat. Without her steadfast, headstrong, common sense approach, I'm not sure we would have gotten to the closing table. Thank you Amy!"

-- Andrea Kent, Indianapolis 

"As first-time homebuyers, Amy Spillman made our experience of searching for and purchasing a home extremely enjoyable. We learned so much from her during each step of the process and never felt rushed or pressured to buy. Ay was always available, quick to reply, and heard and met our needs! We would recommend Amy to our closest family & friends because of how well she served us from beginning to end!"

-- Madison & Alex Cipoletti

"I am always shy about meeting new people. But it only took a few seconds for me to feel very comfortable with Amy when we met in person. She is a fun person to work with. Amy answered every single question I asked/texted her. One day we were discussing the house we wanted and she said something like "I'm gonna get you that house", I had the biggest smile on my face, she couldn't see it because of my mask on (COVID19). She got us the house!! Even if she didn't get us that house I just knew that Amy was going to get us a house we wanted. I felt so comfortable to work with someone who is funny and knowledgeable."

-- Ruddy O., Brownsburg

"Amy was great! So personal, my children adored her. She was so easy to communicate with and was very knowledgeable. I loved how available and responsive she was to our concerns. Always having an answer or looking into things we asked. She never pressured us and had a great deal of patience with our progression through this process. She had a lot of well vetted vendors which was great in terms of getting things done. Overall we think she is wonderful."

-- Kristin Habble, Indianapolis

"Amy was recommended to us by a friend and we couldn’t have been happier! Amy always made arrangements for us to see properties the same day that the came on our radar, knowing how competitive the market is right now. We were able to close in 30 days, and much of that was thanks to Amy and her recommendation for lenders and inspectors. When the seller failed to fix everything promised in the inspection response, Amy went to bat for us to ensure everything was done by the morning of closing. When we moved in and learned of further problems Amy put on her brass knuckles and negotiated with the seller’s realtor to have them address the problem. She was a great advocate for us and always timely in her responses. 10/10 would recommend!"

-- Grace, Indianapolis

"Amy was accessible, knowledgeable, and helped us negotiate the sales process at every turn. We will certainly use Amy for any future real estate transactions."

-- Doug & Amanda Fagan, Indianapolis